Приглашаем общественные и профессиональные организациии присоединиться к данному Соглашению для внедрения этических норм ведения деловых отношений и повышения качества лечения в нашей стране.
Цели сотрудничества:
продвижение в среде профессиональных сообществ таких ценностей как открытость, прозрачность, доверие, доступная и правдивая оценка форм и методов оказания медцицинской помощи пациентам.

About AIPM

The Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers is a non-profit organization representing professional and business interests of the international research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers, encouraging two fundamental principles: assistance to innovation by proper observance and support of the strong and transparent legislation, aimed to the protection of intellectual property rights and adherence to the ethical standards in promotion of the pharmaceutical products. The AIPM was created in June, 2005 and today 17 leading world known pharmaceutical companies are our members. The main mission of the AIPM is to promote economic and legal policies of the members of Association that result in the growth of an organized and open ethical market for pharmaceuticals in the Republic of Belarus. Pharmaceutical companies-members of the AIPM invest substantial funds into the development of the advanced technologies and examination of drugs as well as into the clinical trials of created medicines.